164 Unicorn Battle

Startup.Network invites you to join the 164 Unicorn Battle, Silicon Valley

 on December 10th


Unicorn Battle (former Startup Battle) is a conference where selected entrepreneurs will present their promising startups to members of Venture Funds and Angel Investors. We have already conducted 150 Battles in various cities in European, the Middle East, and the USA. We have helped more than 150 Entrepreneurs raise money.

Join Unicorn Battle to find Diamonds in the Rough to Invest in or the Startup Investors for your Current Venture. 

Pitching at the Unicorn Battle is a great opportunity to:

  • raise money from venture funds and private investors;
  • acquire practical advice from experienced venture capital professionals;
  • find partners and clients, expand your network;
  • present your startup to a wide audience and the investment community.

If you’re interested in enrolling in the competition, please, register on the event page https://battle.startup.network/events/399698/ chose the role Startup and fill in your Startup Application. We will email you with feedback. For the event, we will select up to 10 Startups, others will be put on a waitlist until the next events.

Visiting the Unicorn Battle is a great opportunity to:

  • listen to insightful Panel Discussion;
  • learn new Startup trends, get  inspiration to start your Startup;
  • learn tips and tricks from the seasoned VCs and Angels;
  • meet promising Startups’ tams to invest in.


The event will be held in two stages:

  • Panel Discussion;
  • Pitch Session.