37 Angels Bootcamp

Most members will begin their membership with our angel investing bootcamp, a rigorous program taught by our founder who is a professor of venture capital at Columbia Business School. Our bootcamp is offered in two formats (the content is identical):

  • In-person: an intense 2-day immersion in NYC that is followed by one month of self-paced work (where you are writing a diligence memo on a real startup alongside other bootcamp participants). You can see a full schedule and our next program is Apr 30-May 1.

  • Online: an 8-week program that includes a blend of self-paced & virtual (live) sessions to combine our rigorous curriculum with meaningful conversation and debate alongside other investors. You can see a full schedule and our next program is May 24-Jul 19, 2021.

Both bootcamp formats are experiential in nature – participants immediately put the learning to practice by conducting diligence on a real startup under the mentorship of our team and seasoned angel investors.

The bootcamp is only the first step in your learning journey. Upon completion of the bootcamp, you will be able to take full advantage of all of the opportunities our network has to offer. We engage our members in a variety of ways, from access to continued education opportunities (such as workshops and industry deep dives) to our high quality deal flow opportunities to social and professional networking events.