Pacific Telecommunications Council 2019

Marisa Trisolino

Africa’s Trending Transformation

Jan 2019

Growth and innovation are exceeding expectations. Africa, a continent faced with social inequality, cultural, and political classifications contributing to a challenged business environment is proving especially alluring to the Asia-Pacific region. The Chinese investment in Africa has increased dramatically, making the country the single largest contributor of (FDI) capital and jobs in Africa – since 2005.

The presence of the ICT sector has carved a path to development, bringing positive development with urgency and enthusiasm. New technologies have caused for social and economic change. The adoption of cloud computing has soared in the main markets of sub-Saharan Africa as companies use cloud services as a means to leapfrog to newer technologies due to a lack of infrastructure and to reduce capital expenditure. How will continued investment and technological demands transform the continent? How will continued growth at an exponential pace reshape Africa and its relationship to Asia-Pacific and the world?


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