OMMA at SXSW 2017

Fred Schonenberg, Chris McCann, Stephanie Hay, Sam Olstein

AI, Bots And Conversational Marketing

Mar 2017

Brands want to talk to you…or at least their bots do. As mobile messaging platforms become the new face of social, marketers are looking to the high tech of AI and machine learning to seem more human to customers. But what happens when brands want to be your robotic valet, your mechanical friend? How does conversational marketing change the “relationship” between consumer and brand, if at all? Is the marketing bot trend really serving customers better through more personalized and personable interactions? Or is it just another transparent ploy by marketers to be the branded best bud that consumers really don’t need?

Fred Schonenberg


Fred Schonenberg is the founder of VentureFuel which accelerates the revenue of...

Chris McCann


Chris McCann is CEO of 1-800-FLOWERS.COM and is responsible for the Company's overall...

Stephanie Hay

Head of Conversation Design

Steph Hay leads Capital One's Conversation Design team, which focuses on AI, content...

Sam Olstein

Global Director of Innovation

Sam leads the charge on a communications revolution at the forefront of emerging...


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