The AI Summit New York

From how you engage with your customers, to how you fundamentally operate as an organisation, AI has cemented its place as the catalyst to business transformation all over the world.

However, scalable and – ultimately – commercially successful AI projects cannot be achieved without tactical investments, tailored implementation strategies, and unfettered access to the right tools and talent.

Without a considerable understanding of how to bring these crucial facets together, organisations run the risk of never being able to totally embrace the transformative capability that AI is already having on organisations the world over.

The AI Summit, New York showcases the most cutting-edge case-studies on how Fortune500s are implementing artificial intelligence and see’s AI brought to life with features including the first AI Guinness World Records Series – first-time CxO keynotes from Facebook, Walgreens, JPMorgan, CBS Interactive, Ford, Pepsico, Target – awesome demos including racing of Lockheed Martin’s first commercial passenger drones – and product launches from Google, IBM Watson and AWS.

Whether through one-to-one engagement with AI pioneers, world-exclusive presentations from leading business strategists, or deep-dive workshops with the brightest minds in tech – you will find it all here in New York.