Airbus Critical App Challenge Belgium

Airbusthe largest aeronautics and space company in Europe is looking for pioneers in software development to build apps for the award-winning Tactilon Dabat and showcase their work at ASTRID User Days in Brussels.

The Tactilon Dabat it is the world’s first smartphone and full TETRA radio in one device. It is a strong, and secure device for public safety and mission-critical users. By focusing on one of the challenges proposed by Airbus, your goal is to create a critical application that will work with the Tactilon Dabat.

Every participant will receive a SmarTWISP membership, which grants them access to the developer platform for Tactilon Dabat, where they can feature their apps to Airbus customers. Additionally, attendees will work closely with Airbus experts and five of the chosen teams will be invited to Astrid User Days, the largest technology conference in Belgium, as a featured development partner for Airbus.

Winners will secure valuable business opportunities with Tactilon Dabat clients, who are interested in using developed apps for business-critical and life-saving missions.

  • The competition is online
  • last day to submit your working prototype:  September 14th 2018