Amsterdam Maker Festival


The Amsterdam Maker Festival inspires, involves youth with technology and proudly presents the Amsterdam Maker Movement. Be there, or be 3D-printed.
No wait… we are more than that: this years edition hosted over 15 AMF Talks with inspirational speakers, as well as over 100 different Makers eager to show the public what they do. Virtual Reality, Tinkering, Demo’s, Crafts, Local FoodMakers, Stop Motion movie making, Robotics, Arts, Interactive Installations, Prototyping, Open Design Sessions, Workshops, Upcycling, Creative Coding, and much much more!
It was show and tell, everyone was invited and the entrance was FREE
We would like to THANK all Partners, all Visitors, all Makers, all Volunteers, the Crew and Everyone involved for this succesful event that took place at a magnificent venue, the Marineterrein Amsterdam.