Artificial Intelligence Leaders Summit

Join us at the most exclusive and influential Artificial Intelligence conference in the United States, taking your place alongside more than 100 AI innovators, robotics scientists, machine learning forerunners, data strategists and business leaders who are redesigning the future of information technology, engineering and manufacturing, and the world.

The Artificial Intelligence Leaders Summit offers you the opportunity to:

  • Be the first to discover future trends in global data technologies
  • Enhance your understanding of the new AI and machine learning technologies that’s making the future happen today
  • Identify new opportunities to improve business intelligence
  • Build your network of technology and data leaders

Our Artificial Intelligence Leaders Summits have always been popular for good reason – but this will be the best yet!

Summit Topics Include:

  • Neural network and cognitive computing
  • Embedded software, algorithms, cloud and mobile
  • Machine learning algorithm and deep learning architect
  • Analytics process optimisation with AI and machine learning
  • Computer vision, natural language understanding, and autonomous driving
  • Ambient Intelligence, Wearables, immersive experiences, contextual computing, IoT, advanced robotics

And much more…

What You’ll Gain:

MAINTAIN a reputation as a leader in artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics engineering

LEARN the new skills, techniques and tools you’ll need for exponential growth of your business

CREATE & DEVELOP your data and AI strategy

ENHANCE your professional network, with opportunities to network and collaborate with technology leaders and fellow senior executives

STRENGTHEN your professional development and gain certificate for professional excellence