AWE USA 2016

Vicki Barbur

Mission Space AR: Value Based Use of AR

Jun 2016

Whilst Augmented Reality (AR) has been broadly available for several years, several drivers are now pushing its use into more contextual and mission based environments. Emphasis is being placed on how AR solutions can be used to aid end-user engagement, product/service delivery, training, operational support and process optimization.

These drivers include exponential advancements in processing power on digital devices (i.e., smartphones, wearables, Internet of Things (IoT)), ever-increasing utilization of location-based services, and the need to consume just the right information and relevant data necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

On top of these drivers, digital information continues to grow at an outstanding rate (40% per year into the next decade). With the continued growth and proliferation of mobile and wearable devices, sensors, and Internet of Things (IoT), new mediums of accessing the right contextual information at the point of need are esc alating.

We will discuss and demonstrate how our approach to AR is providing our clients with:
• Improved productivity,
• Simplified workflow and processes,
• More useful and engaging experiences with the physical world, and
• Real-time access to rich heterogeneous data sets,

Through some real-world applications in a variety of industrial, learning and application driven spaces.

Vicki Barbur

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