AWE USA 2016

Christi Fiorentini

Smartglasses and AR in Aerospace

Jun 2016

Smart glasses and augmented reality invoke both excitement and skepticism, especially in the context of manufacturing and assembly in aerospace. While many people are overly optimist and think they can pick up a pair of smart glasses and start building an airplane, there are just as many skeptics that think smart glasses will ever be a viable tool within the manufacturing process.

The reality is that smart glasses, along with augmented reality (AR) software, is a feasible and powerful tool that could fundamentally shift the current process of complex manufacturing, but only if applied in a strategic and thoughtful way. Smart glasses with AR provides a live view of the physical, real-world environment in first person while supplementing that view with additional data such as text, graphics, 3D models and more.

This hands free access to assembly drawings and other reference material is critical in aerospace assembly or any manufacturing process that still requires skilled technicians to complete complex or detailed work.

Christi Fiorentini

Christi Fiorentini is a Senior Applications Engineer and Project Manager in Manufacturing...


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