AWE USA 2017

Roger Lawrence

The Business Reality of Virtual Reality

Jun 2017

Is AR/VR a Fad or is it Fundamental? Is it a Game (Pokemon Go anyone?) or is it Game Changing? (Pokemon Go anyone?) These are primary questions, amongst others, that big business is struggling to answer. Faced with an onslaught of disruptive technologies, legacy architectures and a painful economy, most enterprises are investing in “digital transformation” (i.e. Catching up to Social, Mobile, Analytics, & Cloud). Barely. The talent in the AR/VR industry, however, seems focused primarily on entertainment. Games and movies, with some obvious use cases around low hanging fruit, like education and simulation (for training or practice). But who is focused on dealing with the massive reengineering of business applications we’ll need to drive mainstream adoption of xR (AR/MR/VR). Where do you even begin? How do you navigate a complex enterprise and help them begin to innovate in untested technologies? Join Roger Lawrence as he discusses the “Business Reality of Virtual Reality” and unpacks his EPIC-AR/VR Methodology, the first in the world that enables companies to innovate in spatial computing and develop solutions that make a material impact on their EBITDA.

Roger Lawrence

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