AWE USA 2017

Gene Munster, Steve Lukas, James Li, Angela McIntyre, Ryan Wang, Matt Miesnieks

Investing in Fundamental AR+VR Technologies Panel

Jun 2017

Partners from leading VC firms in AR+VR discuss key enabling technologies that are ripe for investment. Hear their opinions on emerging technologies that extend current AR+VR capabilities. Topics include light field technology, positional tracking, user interface technologies, and more.

Gene Munster

Managing Partner

Munster specializes in Internet research at Piper Jaffray, focusing on the US,...

Steve Lukas

Staff Product Manager

Steve Lukas is a staff product manager providing technical analysis on software...

James Li


James Li is the principal at Orange Silicon Valley and has been technical lead...

Angela McIntyre

Angela McIntyre is a research director at Gartner and covers wearable electronics...

Ryan Wang

Founding Partner

Ryan Wang is Co-founder and General Partner of Outpost Capital, the first Silicon...

Matt Miesnieks


Matt has a unique commercial and tech operational background which he brings to...


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