Big Data LDN 2016

Ted Dunning

Behind the Scenes Big Data Use Cases

Nov 2016

Many businesses are looking for ways to put big data innovation to work to gain new insights or open new lines of business with less risk and less cost, but it isn’t easy to figure out what to do and how to do it.

Talks on these topics generally fall into two groups. Some describe the advantages of big data in use-cases but at a very high level with very little detail. The other group consists of technological tours de force that are hard to relate back to the real world.

This talk will take a different approach: I’ll provide a synthesis for a variety of real-world use cases that starts with a high-level description of business advantages but then pulls back the curtain to expose the practical and effective technical solutions that make it possible to integrate analytics with operations. I will disclose both sources and methods in this talk with the notable addition of a roadmap to guide you.

Ted Dunning

Chief Application Architect at MapR

Ted Dunning is Chief Application Architect at MapR Technologies and committer and...


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