Big Data LDN 2016

Omid Shiraji, Jason Foster, Barry Green

CIO/CDO Panel Debate

Nov 2016

Jessica Twentyman hosts the CIO / CDO Panel with Barry Green, CDO of Bank of Ireland, Cathy McCabe, CIO of Jaeger, Omid Shiraji, CIO of London Borough of Camden and Jason Foster, CEO of Cynozure.

Our expert panel discusses the vital role of data in modern organisations and whether new hybrid business/IT leaders such as Chief Data Officers are required to complement the work of CIOs and their teams.

We hear the views of data specialists and of CIOs from public and private sector organisations.

Omid Shiraji

Chief Information Officer at Camden

One of a new breed of next-generation IT leaders, Omid Shiraji is currently the...

Jason Foster

Leader and advisor in Big data and analytics

Jason is Founder and CEO of Cynozure, a consultancy helping organisations do great...

Barry Green

Chief Data Officer (Interim) at Bank of Ireland

Barry has had 26 years in Financial Services with a brief two-year period in consulting....


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