Big Data LDN 2016

Dave McCrory

From Data Gravity to Data Agglomeration

Nov 2016

Big Data is transforming all industries and facets of business whether it be with the flood of new data coming from sensors and IoT or predictive analytics and machine learning.

Business models are being disrupted as data is changing how businesses operate, based on new, faster, and more accurate information. Combine this with the effects of agglomeration and you have a recipe for business disruption and transformation like no other.

This must-see session dives into opportunities for innovation and things to watch around data and the agglomerative effects that surround it. The organisations that understand how to use data and agglomeration as a strategic weapon will be the winners in the new generation of business.

Dave McCrory

CTO of Basho Technologies

A successful innovator and entrepreneur, Dave McCrory came to Basho from Warner...


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