Big Data LDN 2016

Ellen Friedman

How Stream-First Architecture & Emerging Technologies Provide a Competitive Edge

Nov 2016

Among changes involved in becoming a data-driven business, there’s a new revolution: working with streaming data as a widespread aspect of an organisation.

No longer is streaming data seen as just a special use case. It’s increasingly commonplace for businesses to collect streaming data from a variety of sources, ranging from IoT sensors to familiar clickstream data, and to use new methods for stream processing to analyse that data. In short, streaming is becoming mainstream. And, surprisingly, the value of streaming data goes far beyond just real-time insights.

This talk takes a look at the advantages of stream-first architecture and the importance of message transport in this approach, including how it can support microservices. We’ll also examine some emerging technologies such Apache Kafka and MapR Streams for message transport and Apache Flink for real-time and batch processing.

Ellen Friedman

Author & Big Data Consultant at MapR Technologies

Ellen Friedman is a consultant and commentator on big data topics. Active in open...


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