Biohacking Congress Virtual Meetup

Huge #investments towards the development of projects related to the wholesome, life extension ideologies, as well as anti-aging technologies.

#Biohacking, #BioTech, #HealthTech, #DigitalHealth is not just a fashion trend. It is the way to the future.


One of the purposes of Unicorn Lab is promoting beneficial cooperation and partnership between investors and innovators building the future of human living standards and conditions.

We invite you to join our Virtual Meetup, Networking Event for Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Experts from Biohacking, HealthTech Industries.

Date and time: May 13, 11 am PT, 2 pm ET, 6 pm GMT, 7 pm UK.


It is a great opportunity to:

– Learn from Industry Experts and gain life-changing knowledge and insight.

– Find Innovation Solutions and Technologies for your investment portfolio.


The Meetup will start from the Panel Discussion on the topic “Innovations in HealthTech and BioTech Industries. Opportunities for Investment”. Experienced and renowned Venture Capital Investors and Entrepreneurs will describe the topic from their perspectives.


The second part will be dedicated to the Presentations of selected HealthTech Startups.

– Empericus is a Game changing sports medicine platform uniting people, performance and care,

– Human Resolution Technologies/ FollowApp is a platform as a service (PaaS) used by healthcare providers to manage remotely, monitor, and triage patients in their homes,

– GlycanAge is a scientifically validated blood test that evaluates biological age using sophisticated new technology that measures IgG glycome composition, which regulates low-grade chronic inflammation and drives aging,


Each entrepreneur will have 10 min for Pitch which will be followed by a Q&A session with invited VCs.

If you are interested in presenting your Startup at the Meetup, please Apply and we will write to you with feedback


Join us as a Guest!

We are looking forward to meeting you!