Blockchain Solutions Asia

The Blockchain Solutions Asia 2018 (BSA2018) themed ‘Blockchain Revolution: The Future of Economy and Humanity’ is set to provide an interactive platform for industry stakeholders to better understand the impact of Blockchain Revolution and its technological advances on their business models and operating processes. This will also be the largest Digital Ledger Technologies (DLT) event showcasing the latest technologies and solutions that introducing the applications and adoptions of blockchain in order for participants to be benefited from this technology-led era.

The Blockchain Solutions Asia 2018 conference deliberations will be on the following themes:

Blockchain Explained: Industry Application, Regulatory Framework and Risk Assessment
Blockchain Infrastructure and Development
Blockchain-Enabled Funding and Financing System: A Paradigm Shift In Capital Raising And Project Financing
A Game Changer for The Banking and Insurance Industry?
Blockchain Technology In The Manufacturing Sector
The Driver of Transformational Change In The Energy Sector
Revolutionizing The Healthcare Sector
The Defining Factor of Smart Cities For Building And Transportation Sectors