A frank, funny, interactive conversation about something affecting our health (and that our health affects) that we all probably care about but may not talk about: Sex. As the other part of the title indicated, wine was served.

HelloFlo, founded by Naama Bloom (now a SheKnows Media Sr. VP), was created with a mission to normalize conversations about girls’ and women’s health at every life stage, from the first period to menopause.

Naama was joined by two experts: OB-GYN Dr. Jessica Shepherd and author/therapistSarah Brokaw to talk about our bodies, our minds, and our sex lives.

Naama Bloom

Founder and CEO of, Marketing Leader, and Feminist

Naama Bloom is the founder and CEO of, a modern-day women's health...

Jessica Shepherd

Women's Health Expert, OB/GYN, and Writer

Dr. Shepherd is a women's health expert and the founder of Her Viewpoint, an online...

Sarah Brokaw

Author, Psychotherapist, and Podcast Host

I believe that education is a lifelong pursuit that occurs in and outside the classroom....


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