Bloomberg Global Business Forum

Prosperity is strengthened through trade. This principle has been proven for centuries. Trade, and the resulting system of globalization, have driven innovation, competition and quality, efficiencies in markets and the allocation of resources, as well as global governance standards and stability.

With the earth’s population, wealth inequality and threats from climate change all increasing, and nationalist fervor contributing to a backlash toward globalization, collaboration between government and business is critical to meeting these challenges and ensuring continued growth that benefits all. Economic engagement is our best chance to keep trade wars from becoming real ones.

The second annual Bloomberg Global Business Forum is the only venue dedicated to convening the most important global leaders from public and private sectors to discuss and address these challenges to shared prosperity, and build crucial partnerships between business and government to ensure its continued success.

The myths and mistaken assumptions feeding isolationism, protectionism and the denial of facts and science need to be challenged and disproven. More importantly, the opportunities to harness advances in technology and realize the potential of human capital offer enormous tools for sustainable growth and prosperity and need to be championed.

Through a series of insightful discussions and focused working groups, the Bloomberg Global Business Forum is an opportunity for presidents, prime ministers and CEOs to share their visions for sustainable economic development, and for the two groups to find new ways to work together toward common goals.

How we respond to today’s challenges will determine the next stage of the global economy. This one-of-a-kind platform for leadership and collaboration moves beyond the analysis and provides participants with a chance to shape it.