Build Stuff Lithuania


“Build Stuff” is a Software Development Conference created for developers, academics, team leaders, software architects and technical project managers.

Software development is a worldwide industry, so it’s not surprising that there are many developer conferences around the world that are worth participating in and attending. However, in November 2012, when the conference was first held, there were no such dedicated conferences for developers in the Baltic States, let alone Lithuania. Now, Build Stuff has become the largest developer event in the region.
Following the success of Build Stuff in Lithuania, Build Stuff has branched out. The first edition of the Build Stuff Ukraine conference was launched three years ago—a great success, with over 450 attendees that first year following up too 700 attendees other years.

In 2017 there was Build Stuff Spain conference launched. Build Stuff Spain is a cozy, family-friendly, open-air and beach-side event with a limited number of seats.
Build Stuff was featured as one of only three European software conferences “to attend” in the 2016 Forrester’s Report. “Conferences Outside The United States [that] Add International Context,” the report said, “Build Stuff draws in developers with all types of creative projects. Developers gather in Lithuania and Ukraine to learn from each other’s trials and tribulations while ‘making’ adventurous projects and learning how they can make the projects themselves. Build Stuff is an independent conference and attracts experienced freelancers and independent contractors interested in learning new approaches and strategies to software development. Sessions featured more than 17 different programming languages last year, including one presentation led by an 8-year-old developer on building video games with F#.”


We however prefer to judge ourselves based upon the accolades that have come from our community. From the first one-day meetup’s with 250 attendees planned seven weeks in advance to our latest five-day event, which welcomed 1400, the conference continues to grow every year. The continued yearly growth of the conference has depended on attendees and participants spreading the word. Our popularity and community footprint have been built solely through social networks and word of mouth. More than 50% of Build Stuff attendees are not from Lithuania. With great software engineers coming to us from all over the world (as far as Brazil, Australia, and South Africa) it is a unique opportunity for everyone to network and broaden their audience, as well as an occasion for foreigners to discover the beauty and opportunity found in Lithuania


The conference’s overall goal is to add to, bolster the technical diversity of, and support the developer community here in Lithuania, where there was nothing like it previously. While developers are in an industry where continuous learning is required, no one can possibly learn it all. Events such as Build Stuff and user groups afford developers the opportunity to listen to sessions, discuss trends, try new things, and, most importantly, share personal experiences with a wide range of