China Marketing Summit 2017

Evgeny Tchebotarev

Building a Community from Scratch

Jul 2017

In early 2004, before Facebook and photo-sharing sites, Evgeny Tchebotarev created a community for photographers to meet, share photos and trade stories and information. He initially developed this as a LiveJournal blog and then co-founded 500px as a company.

As co-founder and Chief Photography Officer (CPO), Evgeny is responsible for bringing the 500px vision to life through community engagement and maintaining a strong link between photographers and 500px team. He takes cues from the industry and provides the team with the ideas of where the photo industry is headed in the years ahead, ensuring that 500px is on the technological and innovational path to success.

Since leaving 500px in early 2016, Ev (車真彥) is consulting companies in Asia, focusing on helping companies to build Silicon Valley-style product management expertise.


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