BYOND MOBILE focuses on:
Life Sciences & Digital Health
With the convergence of technologies like 5G, IoT sensors and AI, the Life Sciences and Healthcare sectors are on the verge of another tech revolution, which will transform how you understand people’s health, how you deliver treatment, and how you expand access to care and experts.
Agriculture & Biotech
In light of smart sensors, modern biologicals, robotics, and big data, the agriculture and biotech sector is undergoing rapid transformation. Many large incumbents have recognized the need to adopt the 5G wave, meaning next-gen farming and biotech.
Manufacturing & Robotics
A 5G-enabled smart factory offers the potential to connect just about anything. In these futuristic factories, connected devices and smart robots can sense their environments and interoperate with each other, making decentralized decisions.
Future Mobility
In the next decade, autonomous vehicles making their own decisions and adjusting to conditions around them, will conquer our streets. At the heart of making this possible will be 5G. The next-gen mobile network will be a key enabler of more reliable communication for vehicles, which will play a critical role in managing the safety challenges that come with vehicle automation and autonomy.