Techsylvania 2018

Ashley Carroll

Capital as a Service Democratizing Venture Through Data

Jun 2018

1. Techsylvania 2018 Reducing Bias with Data-Driven Investing Ashley Carroll Investment Partner, Social Capital
2. Industry Status Quo: Process • Warm intro • Pitch deck • Coffee chat • Share additional data/info • Partner meeting • TS negotiation You’ll very likely experience significant delays… or hear nothing… Even if you do get an answer, it will typically be vague and not actionable.
3. Industry Status Quo: Result • 87% of VC-backed startup founders are white • And only 1% are black • Only 17% of VC-backed startups have a female founder • And female entrepreneurs receive 2-3% VC dollars • No improvement over the past several years (Data from CB Insights + Crunchbase)
4. Why? Because humans!
5. • Open to anyone (no warm intro required) • No pitch decks • No scheduling (and rescheduling…) in-person coffee chats • Standardized data request • No partner meeting • Any additional data/info request is to understand anomalies in standard data Quick follow-up and clarity around timeline Transparent and actionable feedback An Experiment: Process
6. • Most backed founders were non-white • 42% were female • Decision time down to under a week An Experiment: Result
7. How? Software!
8. Introducing Capital-as-a-Service
9. Goal To democratize access to entrepreneurship.
10. How It Works • Entrepreneur completes application form • Business classified according to etymology • Standardized data compared to relevant benchmarks • Investment decision made prior to any 1:1 contact • Feedback is transparent, precise, and actionable Now to go under the hood with the data analysis…
11. Revenue Growth
12. Revenue LTV + Cohorts
13. User Growth
14. Engagement LTV + Cohorts
15. More info


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