The Next Web Conference 2018

Anjali Sud

How to change the course of your company in 90 days

May 2018

Within her first 90 days in office, Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud led the video platform’s transition from consumer destination to software-as-a-service business that will exceed $100 million in revenue this year. From redefining the company’s vision, organization and product strategy to making the biggest acquisition in its history, Anjali and her team successfully pivoted Vimeo from content company to one-stop technology platform in a matter of months, all while remaining true to Vimeo’s founding mission: to empower video creators to tell incredible stories. Join Anjali in a discussion about her experience navigating change in a rapidly evolving industry, her view on scaling growth while preserving company culture, and why – when it comes to creators – she’s all in.


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