IT channels of all types, including service providers, are having to rethink their strategies in the face of rising and changing threats to their customers. They are looking for guidance on how to keep customers informed, advice on how to build alliances and form partnerships and on using marketing to open up new security business, as well as keeping updated with technologies.

Security is a fast-developing discipline, but the players range from traditional resellers putting a toe in the water of service provision to those born in the cloud suppliers and specialist builders of security practices. Many of the themes and ideas are new and worth exploring by all types of partner. While some channels are looking for a particular solution to address key vertical market compliance models, others would like to join an eco-system with like-minded partners keen to develop in partnership with others.

This event will offer a forum for developing understanding – from the changing nature of the threat and identifying new opportunities, to building a sound business model, it will also cover specialist legal advice, training and education, understanding risk, exploring new technology areas such as IoT and AI, application, edge and end-point security, and the wider issues of negotiating security sales and implications for customers.