Microsoft Inspire 2017

Chinmayi Bhavanishankar

How the Cloud Enablement Desk can help

Jul 2017

Customers are moving to the cloud, and they want an expert to help them do it. You can establish your expertise by earning a cloud performance competency in the Microsoft Partner Network. Partners that earn these competencies receive benefits that include unlimited cloud-specific technical support, eligibility to earn incentives, and software for internal use to run your business.
The Microsoft Partner Network offers five performance-based cloud competencies. If you’re ready to make the commitment to attaining one of these competencies, support from the Microsoft Cloud Enablement Desk can help you achieve your cloud competency goal.
Through the Cloud Enablement Desk, you have access to a Cloud Program Specialist for up to six months. The Cloud Program Specialist will guide you through the steps required to achieve a cloud competency, and provide you with the technical and business resources and tools to help you along the way.


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