We are proud to announce a rich, fully-interactive experience – Code BEAM goes Virtual again! Accessed from anywhere in the world, the event incorporates all the key components of our in-person conference and some more, as the conference will be hosted on a platform that focuses on social interactions and allows everyone to connect online in one place, whether you’re an attendee, a sponsor, an exhibitor or a speaker.

We already have a number of exciting speakers lined up (see below) and there are many more fantastic talks in the pipeline which we will be sharing in the coming weeks.

Code BEAM V America will be held at Pacific Standard Time (PST) to suit attendees on both the US West and East Coast.

As always community and social interaction will be at the core of the event to enable everyone to connect and interact to share the same as experience as with our physical conferences.

Enjoy three half-days of real-world, practical applications of Erlang, Elixir and the BEAM – all within the context of high-performance and massively-scalable distributed systems.

Let’s stay connected!