Code Conference

We’re excited to announce that Code 2020 is returning to California! Join us at the legendary and newly remodeled Beverly Hilton and its sister property next door, the luxurious Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills.

Code Conference needs no introduction. It’s where the iconic Kara Swisher and Recode reporters hold the leaders of the most important tech companies to account in unscripted Red Chair interviews.

This year, Kara is refocusing on tech: grilling the titans of the industry as always, but also identifying what’s new and surprising in the industry. Where is the innovation happening? What products being developed today will change our lives a decade from now?

She’ll zero in on the leaders at the forefront of tech’s uncharted territories to discuss where things are headed, like:

  • AI, Automation, and the Future of Work: What this means for the future of work for humans and their new robotic co-workers, and who wins and who loses.
  • The Data Economy: Who’s leading, who’s coming from behind, and what consumers are going to expect in regard to privacy, better policy, and regulation.
  • Mobility and Megacities 4.0: Digital is transforming the way we move around and live. From new housing solutions to unmanned passenger drones, we’ll explore what the future of mobility and cities will look and feel like.
  • Food and Agri-tech: How AI and machine learning are transforming the agricultural sector and the future of food security and adapting to a changing climate.
  • Health Tech and Transhumanism: Big Tech is collecting biometric data through wearables and moving toward disrupting the health-care space. You’ll also hear about the latest innovations in biohacking, gene editing, and data-driven health optimization.

The annual invitation-only Code Conference brings together a global community of the biggest names in the business — executive leaders and startups with bright futures — for networking and in-depth conversations about the current and future impact of digital technology.

You’ll want to be there.