Code Commerce

Code Commerce is returning to New York City for its third year, featuring in-depth, honest conversations with top commerce and tech executives about how innovation is transforming the way consumers choose to spend their money today. Recode’s Jason Del Rey will dig into emerging trends and what they mean for your business, including:

  • The Curation Economy: As Amazon transforms into the everything store, vertical marketplaces are finding success by leaning into their ability to offer a curated experience for customers.
  • Automation: What emerging robotics tech will mean for the supply chain, the future of delivery, and the labor market.
  • The Reinvention of the American Mall: How iconic institutions are transforming themselves into entertainment hubs, developing experiential spaces for brands to activate, and creating places for the public to congregate and socialize.
  • Direct-to-Consumer IRL: How DTC brands are utilizing tech to transform the brick-and-mortar experience in their stores, bringing the same personalization experience offered online to clothing curation, fitting rooms, and more.
  • Grocery and CPG: Almost two years after Amazon’s Whole Foods acquisition, traditional grocers have upped their delivery game and are experimenting with automated checkout. Learn where we see innovation happening and how they’ll compete.
  • The Future of Payments: With the rise of mobile, new customer rewards programs, and Gen Z, the payments sector is in overdrive. Learn how payments companies are developing tech to stay ahead of consumer shopping expectations.

Jason Del Rey and Kara Swisher will sit down with the executives leading these trends to ask what’s next — and what they’ll mean for you.

We’ll be bringing back On-Location Experiences so you can engage firsthand with how the most innovative retailers, payments businesses, and delivery hubs in New York operate.

We’ll also be integrating small group networking opportunities around niche topics so you can network with peers from top retailers, digital-native brands, and payments firms.