Confab Central 2016

Michael Haggerty-Villa

Adventures in digital storytelling

May 2016

Stories still matter. Whether it is a brand statement, product description, social media post, or essential news in education and healthcare, we need good stories—compelling, useful narratives that engage us and get us where we need or want to go. With the proliferation of digital devices and experiences, our stories are now more fragmented than ever.

Content strategists need to make sure our narratives remain coherent and compelling. Drawing on examples from travel, education, and healthcare, this presentation offers insight into how stories can continue to satisfy business stakeholders and reach users.

This session will explore:

How virtual experiences (apps, websites) can support real-life ones (travel, healthcare)
How content strategists can defend and refine the stories that are embedded in and distributed by the digital products we contribute to and create
How the fundamental things apply as time goes by.

Michael Haggerty-Villa

Founder and Organizer, Content Strategy Southern California and Los Angeles

Michael Haggerty-Villa is the founder and organizer of Content Strategy Southern...


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