Confab Central 2016

Anil Dash

Toward Humane Tech

May 2016

We’re not nerds, or outsiders, or underdogs anymore. What we do, and what we make, shapes culture and society, deeply influencing everything from artistic expression to policy and regulation to the way we see our friends, family and selves.But we haven’t taken responsibility for ourselves in a manner that befits the wealthiest and most powerful industry that’s ever been created.

We have to do better, and we will. If there’s one unifying value that connects everyone in tech, no matter how critical or complacent they may be, it’s an underlying vein of optimism. We need to to tap into that optimism, but direct it toward making sure we’re actually making things better, and not just for ourselves.

Let’s think together about the functional, pragmatic things we can do to make sure our technologies, and the community that creates those technologies, become far more humane.

Anil Dash

Co-founder and CEO, ThinkUp

Anil Dash is co-founder and CEO of ThinkUp, the creators of Makerbase—a directory...


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