The main theme of how we’re changing we stole from software development, we’re doing a Minimum Valuable Product! We know we want to be in person and also be adaptable to the ever changing pandemic. So as we started planning, we asked ourselves “How can we put on a quality conference that doesn’t take 6 months to plan?” And as we answered that question, it started to shape how we’d do things this year.

But before we get to the changes, let’s cover what isn’t changing.

As we mentioned, we’ll still be at the Scott because it’s a great facility that is centrally located, provides good food and great wifi. Additionally, our focus hasn’t changed.

We still believe:

  • Everyone can learn from anyone
  • Quality only happens when the entire team is aligned
  • Those with less experience provide as much value as those with more experience
  • There’s power when people talk

If that approach is remaining the same, then what has changed?

The most noticeable change is that for this year, we’re going to be a single track conference of keynotes. We’ll still provide you with a variety of topics, high quality speakers, and a chance to network with others from around the region!