Content Marketing World 2016

Adele Revella

How Many Buyer Personas Do You Need?

Sep 2016

Buyer personas can actually get you into trouble. In this clip from Content Marketing World 2016, Adele Revella shares how to identify the number and types of personas that will best serve your objectives.

In a healthy quest to create content that engages diverse audiences across multiple channels, marketers are developing buyer personas that profile each of their buyer’s goals, concerns and attitudes. But like the children’s nursery rhyme about an old woman who lived in a shoe, attempts to manage the care and feeding of too many simply doesn’t work.

Learn why personas can get you into trouble, and steps will be revealed on how to:

  • Identify the number and types of personas that will best serve your specific objectives
  • Align your team to consistently deliver the messages and content your personas will want to share and consume
  • Ensure you have the insights to know which media and channels will deliver the highest ROI

Adele Revella

CEO & Founder of Buyer Persona Institute

For more than 25 years I have been focused on a single goal: developing marketers...


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