CTA Conference 2016

Is Your Copy Selling You Short?


I hate to break it to you, but your marketing copy is probably cheating on you.

It might look okay on the surface but deep down it could well be working for your competitor: sending prospects their way instead of directing them to your call-to-action.

Most of the copy clients bring to me doesn’t actually suffer from the ‘pushy sales speak’ marketers fear, the real problem is actually underselling the product or service. Hiding or downplaying valuable selling points and compelling reasons for customers to take action.

In this talk you’re going to learn the signs and symptoms of ‘cheating’ copy and you’ll walk away with advice you can use to whip it into shape.

During This Session You’ll Learn:

  • How to tell if your copy is being overlooked as the (boy/girl) next door
  • Pinning down what customers ‘really’ want to hear for them to say ‘tell me more!’
  • How to develop a rich list of selling points you can use directly in your copy to make it more compelling


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