NextM Stockholm 2018

Jonathan Epstein

From Darwin to Digital Marketing

Apr 2018

Jonathan Epstein, SVP of International for Sentient Technologies, has founded and led multiple companies at the leading edges of technology, video gaming and media. His track record in video gaming and gaming-related media includes being the founding CEO of GameSpot, one of the top video gaming destination sites, president of GameSpy, EVP of, CEO of Double Fusion, and chairman of Electrified Games. He worked for 12 years at IDG Communications, and ZDnet/CNET, as a magazine publisher, head of international, and division president. His achievements with technology companies includes CEO of ROV innovator Hawkes Remotes (sold to Bluefin Robotics), president of gesture technology pioneer Omek Interactive (sold to Intel), and more recently as CMO and later SVP International for Sentient.


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