Data Centre Ecosystem

For a better business growth an advance IT operations are very much necessary and to have a business continuity it is one of the most important thing. In a growing era of technology our world is becoming very much lean towards technology and there is unaccountable data present in the world which is very much confidential and hence it is imperative to have a reliable and secure IT infrastructure where this data can be stored and processed effectively. Big tech giants are using the IT operation approach to solve any problem which is restricting their business to grow and these operations have systems for backups and it includes infrastructure for power supply connections for establishing a better data communication. A lot of amount of energy is also used in this because these data base machines needs a huge amount of energy to run or else the data will expire within seconds.

The goal of this conference is to bring together Data Center professionals who will be discussing future outlook for the sector, as demand for data center space increases exponentially. This conference is led by many expertise from different domains like construction/banking/healthcare/Energy/Telecommunication ecosystem and how they will be talking about the challenges faced by the industry. The conference will be thoroughly looking at resiliency, sustainability, adaptability and efficiency in the context of the data center design. The session in this conference will drive questions like why this data center design need to evolve and how we are able to drive new changes in this framework. With roundtables and breakout discussions we want to look at the challenge from different stakeholder perspectives and to define areas of common concern.

In the pioneer edition of DBMR data center conference come join us in this enriching knowledge fest where experts will be discussing and exploring the data center ecosystem. Together let’s open the doors to a new dimension of data-storage solutions.