Devoxx Poland 2017

Nate Schutta

To the Cloud?

Jun 2017

Today you can’t swing a dry erase marker without hitting someone talking about “the cloud”. From the CIO to the project room, the cloud is bound to be a topic of conversation. While there is no denying the buzz worthiness of the term, you probably should take a deep breath before declaring your entire portfolio will be cloud native by the end of the year. In this talk, I will discuss a practical way of assessing your applications and how to create a thoughtful plan to move applications to the cloud – when it makes sense.

We’ll talk about what factors to consider when surveying an application, why some systems shouldn’t go to the cloud and what else you need to consider beyond the basics of picking a cloud vendor. Cloud based deployments have tremendous benefits for today’s organizations – but as with any new technology, it must be introduced with care.


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