Alexander Jutkowitz, Kerry Taylor, Mike Weissman, Lauren Wiener

Embracing the Short Form

Sep 2016

Short-form and live streaming are disrupting the way consumers experience video. This panel will look at trends in short-form and live streaming. It will take a closer look how the way, consumers, journalists, and content creators instantly can broadcast, has transformed.

Alexander Jutkowitz

Alexander Jutkowitz, CEO and founder of Group SJR, is shaping the marketing reality...

Kerry Taylor

Kerry Taylor is SVP, Youth and Music for Viacom International Media Networks, giving...

Mike Weissman

Michael Weissman is General Manager, Vimeo. In this role, he oversees the day-to-day...

Lauren Wiener

Lauren Wiener is the president of Buyer Platforms at Tremor Video, where she leads...


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