Dana Anderson, Geoffrey Ramsey

The New Creativity: Who Knew?

Sep 2016

In a consumer media world marked by fragmentation, mobility, multitasking, distraction and huge doses of ad skipping, blocking and other forms of avoidance: How does a marketer breakthrough and connect? Is there a new creativity required, and if so, how do brands create and efficiently deploy creative messaging across an infinite number of offline and digital marketing channels – in real-time, and at scale?

In this provocative, no holds barred session, Dana Anderson, SVP and chief marketing officer of Mondeléz International, and Geoffrey Ramsey, chairman and chief innovation officer of eMarketer, will wrestle with the challenges and complexity of marketing in a digital world today. From her leadership marketing role at Mondeléz, Dana will provide a frank, inside look of what it’s like to be a brand corporation seeking to reinvent, reimagine and redefine creativity.

Geoff, in his usual fast-paced, high-octane style, will not only paint a vivid picture of the dynamic consumer landscape, he will reveal the secret sauce behind the new creativity: Magnetic Content. The ensuing conversation they share on stage will, suitably, entertain, inform and enlighten you.

Dana Anderson

As Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of global snacking powerhouse...

Geoffrey Ramsey

As co-founder, Chairman and Chief Innovation Officer of New York-based eMarketer,...


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