Emerging Computing Technologies in Oil and Gas

As the oil and gas industry continues to digitize and utilize technology to improve operational and resource efficiency there is a fast-growing market at the cutting edge of innovation.

Cloud networks and IoT are slowly being embraced and proving their worth in the digital oilfield and at their core is new computing technologies. New capacity and processing in edge computing, high performance computing and AI are relieving pressure on networks, reducing data costs and cloud security risks whilst facilitating far greater operational efficiency across upstream, processing and downstream oil and gas projects.

Data can now be gathered, processed and communicated far more quickly and efficiently. New computing technologies reduce the amount of data being sent for processing and allows for quicker synthesis and increased responsiveness. Hardware can now go beyond monitoring and reporting – emerging computing technology allows for instant data processing; facilitating real time response and action.

The potential this new computing power offers in terms of sustainable automation, with reduced operational costs, quicker deployment of new services and cost-effective scalability make low margin, low volume wells and new exploration more feasible and cost effective.

This new event will showcase how emerging computing technologies can further streamline the oil and gas industry and create significant OPEX reductions and improve safety across operations.