EmTech Digital

EmTech Digital is a uniquely accessible and insightful forum on the commercialization of AI technologies.

It’s where the discerning lens of the world’s preeminent technology university meets Silicon Valley.

Our program is carefully curated to review the state of artificial intelligence technologies. We’ll examine the capabilities and commercial applications of these technologies and provide a deeper understanding of the growing economic impact that the field is having on organizations and industries around the world.

This year’s themes include:

The latest advances in AI research, put into context
As interest in AI continues to rise, so do the expectations. We’ll examine some of the most promising research of the year, as well as the very real limitations of these technologies. Gain insights into groundbreaking AI advancements from experts working to develop more useful and intuitive tools. Hear examples of how they’re addressing rising security and privacy concerns, transparency and accountability, and more.

Commercialization of AI
Advancements in AI technologies have inspired new applications in a broad array of industries. Hear from the experts on how AI is improving their processes, from historically time-consuming and costly challenges, such as drug discovery, to more intelligent approaches to healthcare, transportation, public safety, and urban design.

Defining Ethical AI
In furthering the development of AI, its creators are often faced with questions that fall outside of their technical area of expertise. An inclusive approach is essential to ensure more broadly beneficial artificial intelligence. Speakers will address the pressing need to better define fairness, combat bias, and create ethical AI.