Enterprise AI

Artificial Intelligence is now a red hot topic. But is it overhyped and misunderstood? Is there business value here or is it in danger of being lost in the hype talk. There is also the danger of “AI washing” – rinsing already existing technologies, especially those to do with process automation, in the magic washing powder of “AI”

So we now need to treat the hype pragmatically to keep it real. Business value can be achieved by balancing artificial intelligence with human intelligence and so increase productivity. Initial early adoption has been in helpdesk, ticketing automation etc. We are now starting to see newer adoption areas. There is now also a sense of urgency driven by marketing and the media. There is much that could be turned to account, without losing the comparative advantage of these advanced technologies.

Currently many organisations – and in many instances, their senior business executives – are aware of the technology and feel a pressing need to engage with it, they simply have no idea where to begin. Stalwart thought leaders and practitioners in this business space are here at this conference to give their business ideas based on their experiences. They share their views and “know-how” to transition and transform within different industry sectors and attitudes to change.  The conference thus provides the perfect occasion for delegates to get involved in the conversation, ask questions, learn from the best.

There will be further scope of sharing of practical experiences, extended knowledge-sharing presentations in “Round Table” discussions for sharing insights and industry trends. This coupled with networking has the scope for open-mindedness and sharing throughout the day. An exhibition alongside featuring leading service providers, consultants and vendors from the other two co-located conferences Testing, Agile & DevOps. All four topic areas would be covered and delegates may attend any sessions from across the three conferences.

Additionally the conference features an exhibition alongside where you can meet leading service providers, consultants and vendors.