EWTS Spring 2017

Paul Davies, Brian Laughlin

Applications for mixed reality in the real world

May 2017

In this joint presentation, Brian Laughlin and Paul Davies of Boeing take the audience through the multiple ways in which Boeing has been applying Augmented Reality – a term the company coined in the late 80s – to manufacturing. The effects of using AR at Boeing have included reductions in assembly time, errors and training requirements, increase in workers’ capacity to recall work instructions, and the transfer of knowledge from an aging workforce to a newer one—things get built faster with higher quality because AR is the fastest mode of instruction. Given challenges like industry regulations, content and ergonomics, Boeing is employing AR on various devices depending on the use case. HoloLens, for one, is great for design review as well as for training. Brian and Paul also used their time on stage to demo several HoloLens applications, where 3D content, 2D text and audio combine to train and assist workers.

Paul Davies

Associate Technical Fellow

Paul Davies is an Electrical Engineer, and an Associate Technical Fellow in the...

Brian Laughlin

Technical Fellow

Dr. Brian Laughlin is a Technical Fellow/ IT Architect, CAS/GS&S, serving as...


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