Exponential Europe

Exponential Europe

On 23 & 24 September 2019, SingularityU Benelux will host its very first Belgian Summit, taking place at The Egg in Brussels. The theme will be Exponential Europe, or: how will Europe cope with the accelerating dynamic of technology worldwide? #FutureproofEurope.

Our ambition? To boldly create a bright, global, Pan-European future, together.

The world is becoming more uncertain and complex by the day, and our approach to problem resolution should innovate accordingly. This means that modern leadership requires a positive attitude towards transformation and change. Change is vital to a competitive Europe in a global economy. Innovation improves people’s lives and builds a better, greener and more sustainable society. Thus, a deep understanding of the impact of technology on businesses, governance and our society is needed.

Many people, organizations and communities are not yet taking full advantage of these technological advancements, or the new economy and innovative business models they offer. European industry should proudly and boldly build on its strengths and seize the range of opportunities that new technologies offer. Creative application of cutting edge technology will allow European businesses to drive industrial leadership, grow exponentially and benefit society greatly.

Multiple Perspectives

The SingularityU Brussels Summit is where the world’s leading speakers, experts on exponential technologies and inspirators congregate. Gathered there, will be those who are changing and shaping the world in a positive way. Over the course of 2 days they will share ethical dilemmas and multiple perspectives on exponential topics and provide you with the mindset, knowledge, tools and skills needed in an exponentially changing world.

Join us and meet 800+ European leaders across business, technology and government on a transformative journey. Walk away with a total paradigm shift about where we’ve come from, where we’re going, and what is possible. Understand the implications of emerging and exponential technologies on your organization and the steps that are needed to transform from linear to exponential. Learn how you can become an exponential leader and make your organization thrive.