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Here’s AI That Can Write Better Email Subject Lines Than You…


There’s been a lot of apocalyptic talk of A.I of lately and most of it is tripe. Machines aren’t going to take over the world (The Terminator was ALL LIES!) What machines will do is help humans on specific, quantifiable, and repeatable tasks – freeing us up from mundane tasks and allowing us to get on with more creative endeavours.

You won’t have to worry about The Terminator knocking on your door but if your job involves repetition, then you may be advised to keep a look out.

Here’s the thing about A.I. It’s not just a magic box where you put in a bunch of data and hey presto, magic. I was at a conference a couple months ago, and someone said, “Should your company do machine learning?” I bit my tongue. You can’t just do machine learning, or A.I., or whatever else. As phrases they mean absolutely nothing and at worst are being bandied around as bandwagon jumping exercises.

A.I. will change the workplace in profound ways, but only where there is 1) a need for superhuman understanding and analysis; 2) adequate levels of data; and 3) actual, demonstrable ROI results from doing it. Doing A.I. for the sake of being able to say, “We do A.I.” is tautological, and will likely lose a bunch of people a bunch of money.

If you’re wondering how your business can benefit from A.I., define your problem first, then seek a solution. Phrasee has done this. Subject lines, for example, are a problem our A.I. tech can optimise and drive ROI for customers.

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