From Business to Buttons 2017

Mike Monteiro

How to Fight Fascism

Apr 2017

In 2011, Mule Design Studio created UnSuck It, a website that translates embarrassing and trendy business jargon into real words. Now, instead of fighting terms like “incentivize” and “change agent,” Mule’s design director Mike Monteiro is taking on fascism. They write: “All design is political, because all politics are designed. The world is a mess because a certain set of people designed it to be a mess. Now we need a different set of people to design our way out of it. This is not a choice. Regardless of whether this is what we wanted or not fascism is knocking on our front door. This is how we knock back.”

Mike Monteiro

Co-founder and Design Director

Mike is probably the most outspoken man in design today. He prefers elegant, simple...


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