Gartner IT Sourcing, Procurement, Vendor & Asset Management Summit

Are you faced with the growing challenge of accelerating business performance while optimizing costs?

The key to meeting this challenge is collaborating — internally within the IT finance, sourcing, procurement and vendor asset management organization, and with IT and business stakeholders, and externally, with technology and service providers. Continuous engagement is critical to identify risks and prioritize opportunities, influence at the right level, control costs, and ensure maximum leverage of the critical external capabilities required to drive successful business initiatives.

Engaging with and influencing these critical internal and external constituencies is at the heart of the 2018 summit. The agenda is designed to help you:

Negotiate better deals for IT services, software, SaaS, cloud and hybrid infrastructure
Collaborate with IT vendors to reduce risk and achieve desired outcomes
Develop strategies to optimize the supply of IT services and products
Manage IT assets throughout their lifecycle and prepare for software audits
Improve financial transparency and optimize IT costs
Foster collaboration between sourcing, procurement, asset management, IT finance and vendor management
Exploit the potential of technologies such as IoT, A.I. and Blockchain
Transform your discipline to remain relevant in the digital age

In this new age of collaboration, leaders like you are the critical link between your organization’s internal capabilities and the external digital business ecosystem.