GlueCon is a developer-oriented conference focused on providing the latest in-depth technical information, presented in a format that fosters community . GlueCon’s topics change from year to year, but include things like APIs, DevOps, Serverless, Edge Computing, Containers, Microservices, Blockchain-driven applications, and the newest tools and platforms driving technology.

If you’re tired of sales pitches disguised as talks, sessions that never do more than scratch the surface, throngs of people that seem more concerned with the after-parties than the education, and networking that has no lasting impact, then GlueCon is for you.

Hand-crafted by the husband and wife team of Kim and Eric Norlin, GlueCon is entering its 11th year of existence. During that time, huge numbers of protocols, projects, technologies and startups have launched at GlueCon.

Quite simply, GlueCon is where a welcoming community of experts gather annually to learn about what’s next – years before those topics will appear at other conferences.

Join us!