GMIC Tel Aviv 2016

Nevo Alva

Firesideside Chat with Visualead + Winners Announced

Mar 2016

Visualead’s mission is to help brands and SMBs leverage their physical assets to amplify their digital ones and create successful and secure omni channel experiences.

Visualead is a software company focused on the research, development and enablement of IOT technologies that transform a presence into an engaging and secure touch point between consumers, manufacturers, retailers, e-tailers and brands.

At Visualead we develop patented technology to drive new business cases and develop our competitive solutions. We have a strong IP portfolio with multiple granted patents and patent pending applications.

Dealing with both Online and Offline use cases we develop technology in a verity of fields including: machine readable codes, encryption and security, computer vision and machine learning and scalable cloud architectures. Our research team had won numerous awards in top computer vision competitions in Israel.

Nevo Alva

Co-founder and CEO at Visualead

Nevo leads Visualead towards a brilliant future. Prior to Visualead, Nevo founded...


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